Downtown Novato

In Historic Downtown Novato you will find boutique shops, restaurants, and unique entertainment. Novato is home to a plethora of nature’s gifts. With 3,600 acres of open space, it is a safe haven for hikers and mountain bikers. Novato has a bunch of smart kids with a GreatSchools score of 7 or higher, including 4 schools with a score of 9 or 10. If you like food, they have restaurants from Mexican, Indian, Italian, Irish, Chinese, Japanese and Thai.

If you want to be healthy, this city is the right one to be in because of its health foods and clubs. Novato was voted as the #1 healthiest place to live by AARP in its Top 10 List of Small Cities. Furthermore, it was rated #16 in Fortune Small Business’ list of best places to launch a business. Marinwood Inn & Suites is a great hotel to stay at if you have business in or near the downtown area.

Address: Redwood Blvd / De Long Ave, Novato, CA